Erica Darragh


His Name is Justin Howell

CW: police violence Over the weekend, SSDP learned that Justin Howell, a Texas State University student, was critically injured at a protest in Austin this week. SSDP condemns the authoritarian suppression of public demonstrations in Austin and across the world regarding the movement for black lives. We send our best wishes to Justin for a speedy and complete recovery and
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SSDP Board Commends African Network

Dear SSDP colleagues: At the direction of the SSDP Board of Directors, it is our great pleasure to convey to all of the members of SSDP’s network in Africa the attached Resolution unanimously adopted by the Board of Directors commending you for your outstanding growth and achievements. The African Network has in a few years created an inspiring model for all

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Ban Facial Recognition on Campus Day of Action

Students for Sensible Drug Policy and Fight for the Future's campaign to stop facial recognition on campus is building major momentum for our March 2nd National Day of Action. Just this week, UCLA reversed its plans to implement facial recognition as a direct result of the campaign. FFTF Deputy Director, Evan Greer (she/her) states:  “Let this be a lesson to
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Take Action to Ban Facial Recognition on Campus

Recently, we announced the launch of Students for Sensible Drug Policy and Fight for the Future’s #BanFacialRecognition campaign. Facial recognition is invasive, biased, and a threat to everyone's basic rights and safety -- which you can read about in this article about our campaign on Vice. SSDP recognizes that mass criminalization and mass incarceration are consequences of prohibitionist policies. Thus,
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