The laws will not change themselves

On January 25th I had the opportunity to testify in favor of HB 1705, a bill which would legalize the use and trade of marijuana in my home state of New Hampshire.  It was the first time I had ever participated directly in the legislative process, and it turned out to be an incredible experience that I won’t soon forget.  New

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Better to Live

The last few months have seen bodies heaped upon bodies in Mexico. In some cases, the heaping is quite literal: drug graves have been opened up in the northern Gulf state of Tamaulipas, the largest contained almost two hundred people. Authorities sent cadavers to Mexico City for identification by forensic specialists. Though killed by drug gangs, investigators in Tamaulipas suggest

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The Mawkish and the Macabre

It’s a private museum housed in the Secretary of Defense in Mexico City. It’s a museum filled with objects and information about the drug war but collected by the military. Its keepers say that it’s a museum with a message, and an explicit training purpose for public officials about the lives, lifestyles, deaths, and activities of the drug trafficking organizations, especially so

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