Back to School, Sensibly

Back to School, Sensibly

This month, more than 250 Students for Sensible Drug Policy chapters are reconvening after a summer off. Nearly 4,000 student members are recruiting new advocates and developing strategies to bring more sensible drug policies to their communities in 2015-2016. We’re proud to share that SSDP is starting the school year with 24 new chapters, including four new international chapters. Many SSDPers didn’t take the summer off, either: students across the globe participated in the Support. Don’t Punish. Day of Action, and others observed International Overdose Awareness Day.

At SSDP headquarters in Washington, DC, we can hardly contain our excitement that there are so many new students out there who are about to have their lives changed through their SSDP experience. Many students will learn about harm reduction for the first time, speak to an elected official about an issue they care about, and meet people who will become their close friends and support network.

We’ll empower them with an expanded Outreach team — we added two new regional Outreach Coordinators and our first Campus Coordinator for California over the summer —  providing enhanced support to our chapter network and raising the volume of the student voice for drug policy reform.

We built and launched a brand new system to track our chapters’ activism: the Chapter Activity Tracker, or CAT for short. This is SSDP gamified: CAT is a points-based system that creates incentives for those activities which are most valuable to learning and change-making, energizes students to greater action, and removes financial barriers to SSDP engagement.

This year will bring unique opportunities for students to influence the global drug policy conversation, educate their peers about therapeutic uses for psilocybin, get candidates On the Record, and come together in April for SSDP2016, our annual conference where students will share their experiences and forge the connections that will keep them engaged in changing the world long after graduation.

We’re building the foundation for the most effective and dynamic SSDP you’ve ever seen, thanks to our supporter community. If you’re not already investing in the future of drug policy reform with a monthly donation through the Sensible Society, there’s no time like the beginning of a new school year to start. With your generous commitment to sensible drug policy, we are poised to have our most impactful year yet.


Betty Aldworth
Executive Director
Students for Sensible Drug Policy

P.S. Are the Sensible Society gift levels not quite right for you? That’s okay: You can make a one-time gift online or a monthly gift of any amount by sending us an email or calling 202-393-5280.

P.P.S. We have one more piece of news to share with you: SSDP is participating in the Combined Federal Campaign for the first time this year. We’re thrilled at the prospect of bringing new supporters to SSDP who are ready to replace the War on Drugs with policies based in compassion and reason, so if you know any federal civilian, military, or postal employees, please tell them about SSDP’s work and let them know that they can designate donations to SSDP by using the CFC code 98497.