Ban Facial Recognition on Campus Day of Action

Stop facial recognition on campus national day of action March 2nd 2020
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This entry has been published on February 20, 2020 and may be out of date.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy and Fight for the Future’s campaign to stop facial recognition on campus is building major momentum for our March 2nd National Day of Action. Just this week, UCLA reversed its plans to implement facial recognition as a direct result of the campaign. FFTF Deputy Director, Evan Greer (she/her) states: 

“Let this be a lesson to other school administrators: if you try to experiment on your campus with racist, invasive surveillance technology, we will come for you. And we don’t lose.” 

The Oakland Community College SSDP chapter’s action in the campaign was censored by their campus administration, but the campus reversed this repressive action under pressure from ACLU Michigan, Detroit Justice Project, and Fight for the Future. These types of student activities and conversations are protected by the First Amendment, and we will not allow administrations to bully or suppress civil discourse.  

Want to be part of this historic campaign? Here’s what you can do:

We want as many members as possible to feel the power of collective distributed organizing, so please be in touch with! See you out there!

Help prevent facial recognition from being a tool that is used to enforce the failed drug war!