Be inspired by our rock star student members at Ferris State University

Be inspired by our rock star student members at Ferris State University

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The best part of working at Students for Sensible Drug Policy is hearing amazing stories every day about what our members are doing to end the War on Drugs and protect their communities from the harms caused by drug prohibition. If you’re as inspired by their work as I am, please make a gift to support the students who are carrying out SSDP’s mission on the ground across the globe. Today, I’d like to tell you about the rock stars in our Ferris State University chapter.

In the two months since I met them at the Midwest Regional Conference, Ferris State University SSDP has been working virtually non-stop on drug policy reform. They were exceptionally active in get-out-the-vote efforts for cannabis legalization in Michigan: they made thousands of phone calls to voters, knocked on doors, provided voter information and registration on campus, and even gave free rides to the polls. After legalization passed with 55% of the vote, chapter members contacted their state legislators repeatedly to ensure that the new law will be implemented faithfully. Ferris State SSDP is also passionate about keeping their peers safe through harm reduction. They regularly table on campus and provide drug education to their peers, hosted a popular overdose response training with free naloxone, and are involved with Michigan DanceSafe and the Michigan Psychedelic Society. Next, they’ll work with SSDP staff to implement record expungement in Michigan.

SSDP is so much more than just a student club, just a non-profit, or just a job. We are a movement of young people and many of us have been directly impacted by the War on Drugs. We dedicate ourselves to this work in the hope that our neighbors and loved ones need not fear arrest, imprisonment, overdose, or losing access to education or job opportunities because of misinformed drug policies. If you’re fed up with the failures of the War on Drugs, there is no better way to fight back than by supporting SSDP. Now is the perfect time, because Green Lion Partners and 4Front are generously matching gifts dollar-for-dollar until we meet our match goal and your gift will be doubled.

We need you to make sure that the good work of Ferris State and hundreds of other SSDP chapters around the world can continue. Can we count on a gift from you today?