D.C. Introduces Legislation to Tax and Regulate Marijuana

SSDP is proud to announce that big strides are being made for marijuana reform in the United States. First Colorado and Washington State made history with its legalization and regulation of marijuana in 2012, now history is once again being made with the introduction of legislation for the taxation and regulation of marijuana in the United States Capital, Washington D.C. This legislation is monumental in that D.C. is not governed by a State government, but exclusively by the U.S. Congress and members of the city council, therefore it will bring awareness to and a possibility for the Federal government to affirm their stance on the current nationwide push for marijuana reform.

This legislation will be introduced by Council member David Grosso today (9/17/2013) before the Washington D.C. city council. The legislation requests regulation and taxation of small amounts of recreational marijuana for those over 21 years of age and it proposes that the current District of Columbia Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration have control over the sale of marijuana,  with the restrictions being similar to alcohol. The adaptation of this legislation will curb criminalization and criminal activities of those who currently use marijuana, release already scarce law enforcement resources, protect youth from easily obtaining marijuana and help to discontinue the large racial discrepancies in arrests regarding marijuana.

SSDP has been pushing for decriminalization and ultimately the legalization of marijuana in the District from the beginning and is amazed to see how far we’ve gotten. Reflecting upon a previous blog post titled Decriminalized Marijuana in Washington, DC, SSDP praised the introduction of legislation that would decriminalize marijuana and mentioned the fact that the ultimate goal is for legalization and regulation. http://ssdp.org/action/decriminalize-marijuana-in-washington-dc/

Through vocalizing the negatives of the drug war, continuous updates of laws and statistics, education, encouragement of our supports to take action and collaboration with student chapters across the globe and also other drug policy reform organizations, we have been able to get to this pivotal point of legislation on marijuana reform being introduced in the nation’s capital. With continued support, we will be able to get this legislation passed and it will set the stage for a Federal nationwide drug policy regulation.