They're back! Get your DARE parody t-shirts today

They're back! Get your DARE parody t-shirts today

We apologize for the lack of large sizes. We will make sure to get a bunch of XXL’s on our next order, so we should have them in a few months.

You asked, and we listened…

David Rider, Stacia Cosner, Justin Kander

Our members loved our old DARE parody t-shirts, so much that we sold out last year!

But yesterday, we got new versions of this SSDP favorite, and they’re now available in the SSDP store.

These incorporate a slight redesign and are printed on 100% pre-shrunk cotton. The text reads: “DARE to resist the war on drugs” above “Students for Sensible Drug Policy” and “”.

By purchasing one of these shirts for $15.00, you’ll be supporting the important work that our students do to end the war on drugs. 

Whether you want to order some of these to sell as a fundraiser for your SSDP chapter, represent yourself as a member of the “DARE generation”, or just want to spread the message of sensible drug policies, these shirts are sure to start some interesting conversations.

And good news ladies — this time we have both men’s and women’s styles available!

We only have fewer than 150 of these on hand, so get yours before they’re gone.

Head on over to the SSDP store to get your shirt today.