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Top 10 CAT Leaderboard

  1. University of Colorado Boulder
  2. University College Cork

  3. University of North Georgia Gainesville

  4. University of Texas Austin

  5. Dublin City University

  6. University of Vienna

  7. SSDP Nigeria

  8. Ferris State University

  9. Florida International University

  10. Kent State University

Recent chapter accomplishments

International Region

  • SSDP Nigeria held a leadership summit in collaboration with Youth Rise Nigeria. The summit consisted of workshops and panels designed to educate leaders of both organizations about cutting edge issues related to harm reduction, overdose prevention, and overall drug policy in Nigeria and West Africa.
  • SSDP Ghana participated in a forum on the importance of youth involvement in the drug policy system, hosted by West Africa Drug Policy Network at Methodist University in Accra.

Midwest Region

  • Our Northeast Ohio Medical chapter had a professor teach about the therapeutic potential of MDMA with over 30 medical students in attendance.
  • The University of Michigan chapter is working with the Michigan ACLU to produce a video explaining the expanding medical amnesty law in the state that they worked to pass a year ago.
  • DePaul University got full funding from their school to bring 6 people to #SSDP2018, which includes a $1000 grant from their school’s multicultural allocation fund.
  • Our University of Detroit Mercy chapter leader, Patrick Kelsch, was invited to speak to young football players aged 6-14 about drugs and drug use. He worked with Dr. Narloch to develop some talking points and spoke about the importance of open and supportive communication in family situations when it comes to drugs and drug use.
  • Our Hamline University chapter passed a policy on campus that every full-time campus security officer and RA must get naloxone trained.
  • The University of Michigan chapter hosted a drug policy leaders summit in conjunction with Green Wolverine which brought together reformers and SSDPers from across the state.

Pacific Region

  • Golden Gate University School of Law SSDP held a Cannabis Consortium during which local law students, lawyers, and community members gathered to hear top cannabis lawyers discuss social justice and equity cannabis programs in California, state licensing and local permitting, tax implications, intellectual property in cannabusiness, and the new California regulations.

Southwest Region

  • Students at the University of Texas Austin implemented a Harm Reduction Hotline for UT students and the surrounding community. Through the hotline, students can receive free naloxone, fentanyl testing strips, and harm reduction advice.

Northeast Region

  • Yale SSDP co-hosted the first CT gubernatorial debate alongside CT NORML, which featured all of the major candidates for governor. The event was livestreamed on the Yale SSDP Facebook page.
  • Yale SSDP succeeded in expanding the campus medical amnesty policy to include drugs other than alcohol.

Mid-Atlantic Region

  • University of Maryland SSDP students participated in a student government debate about reducing penalties for marijuana possession and drug paraphernalia on campus.

New Chapters

International Region

  • SSDP Delhi (in progress)
  • Dublin Institute of Technology (in progress)
  • Institute of Technology Blanchardstown (in progress)

Northeast Region

Mountain Region

  • University of Denver (in progress)

Southeast Region

  • Morris Brown College (in progress)
  • Florida Institute of Technology (in progress)

Southwest Region

  • Texas A&M University Corpus Cristi (in progress)
  • Texas A&M University (in progress)

Pacific Region

  • Pepperdine University (in progress)
  • San Francisco State University (in progress)

SSDP Staff Recommended reading/links/resources

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