Donate to SSDP and be entered to win an EVRI Starter Pack

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This December, all gifts made to SSDP will be generously matched up to $55,000 by some of our staunchest supporters who know that ending the War on Drugs takes a grassroots network of young people fighting for sensible drug policy on their campuses, in their communities, and at national and international level. 

We have some more exciting news: in addition to being a funder of our year-end match, Dip Devices will also be giving away three EVRI Starter Packs! All donations over $25 will be entered to win and one of those lucky winners will be the first to receive their newest unreleased attachment.

You heard that right! Make a gift of $25 or more and you can be a lucky winner of an EVRI Starter Pack. 

Thank you for your support. Let’s end the War on Drugs.