Farewell from Jake Agliata ’11, welcome Róisín Downes ’15

Róisín Downes ‘15 on the left, Jake Agliata '11 on the right
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In June 2014, I joined SSDP’s staff and began an unbelievable five-year journey. I have been privileged to work in a job I love amongst a team of co-workers who I count among my best friends. Perhaps most of all, I have been fortunate to earn the trust of the SSDP family to lead our global programs, a task I tried to take very seriously and commit to the best of my abilities. Today, though, I want to inform you that I’ll be stepping down from my role on SSDP’s staff. Words cannot begin to express how much of a bittersweet moment this is, but I also feel more excited than ever about the future of SSDP’s global work. 

Following my departure, Róisín Downes ‘15, formerly of Dublin City University SSDP, will be assuming the role of Global Program Coordinator. Róisín joined the team this June just in time for the 2019 SSDP Strategy Summit where she began her training. Throughout the summit she voiced her opinions on the need for an organisation wide global perspective.

Róisín is a 21-year-old from Ireland (pronouns she/her/hers) who has just completed her Bachelors of Business Studies International. Within her degree she gained fluency in Spanish and specialised in international economics and policy development. 

She has been a proud member of SSDP since she joined the Dublin City University chapter in 2015. In her time there she became Treasurer and Vice Chair. Some of her achievements include advising and launching the first drug policy in her university, and collaborating with other Irish drug policy advocacy groups on the decriminalisation movement. 

Róisín believes the drug war has been inherited globally and requires a global force to reform it. She is particularly passionate about overdose prevention and community outreach. 

I have all the confidence in the world Róisín will excel at this role in every capacity, and am super excited to see how she pushes SSDP’s global programs to even higher levels. I could not wish for a better successor and will be rooting for her, along with all you global chapter leaders, from the sidelines as an active member of the SSDP Alumni Association

Thank you for everything, and good luck Róisín!