Feds raid yet another state-compliant medical cannabis organization

On Thursday, June 7, US Attorney Eric Holder told the House Judiciary Committee with a straight face that his agency, “limit[s] our enforcement efforts to those individuals, organizations that are acting out of conformity with State law.” Just four days later, federal agents raided El Camino Wellness Center in Sacramento, a medical Stop the war on medical marijuana cannabis organization in full compliance with State and local law, seizing cannabis, money, and even the operator’s cars, phones and bank accounts. El Camino Wellness has operated at its Connie Drive location for more than three years. They have a Conditional Use Permit from the City of Sacramento, pay their state and local taxes, and are located well over 1,000 feet from any school or playground. Their security guards pick up trash throughout the neighborhood, and the Sacramento Police Department has not registered a single complaint regarding them in the last three years. El Camino Wellness is the epitome of regulatory compliance—and yet the federal government still showed up on their doorstep with automatic weapons. 74% of Americans think that the Federal government should respect State law on medical cannabis. Both Obama and Eric Holder have stated that their intention is to go after those who do not follow State law. So why are model dispensaries like El Camino Wellness being targeted? Have we completely cleaned up all the Mexican drug cartels’ grows on public land? Either Obama and Holder’s statements are disingenuous, or they have completely lost control of their agencies’ actions. We must let our government know that they are out of line with the general public on the topic of medical cannabis. When was the last time 74% of Americans agreed on anything? Medical cannabis is no longer a divisive issue, and it’s time the federal government stopped treating it like one. Take action today! Sign the petition Write your congressperson *UPDATE* A Rally is being planned by local activists in Sacramento for this Wednesday 6/20 at 1:00pm PST at the Federal Building in Sacramento, CA.  Please come to show your support. Mischa Steiner is the former Vice Chair of SSDP’s Board of Directors