Feds Send Warning to Rhode Island

Feds Send Warning to Rhode Island

Rhode Island’s Medical Marijuana Program has been a shining example of a successful and sensible drug policy. Most importantly, it’s supported by the state’s voters and legislature. But with three non-profit compassion centers set to open in the next few months, the federal government is now threatening it could prosecute in a three page hand-delivered letter to Gov. Lincoln Chaffee:

“The Act, the registration scheme it purports to authorize, and the anticipated operation of the three centers appear to permit large-scale marijuana cultivation and distribution,” Neronha wrote.

“Accordingly, the Department of Justice could consider civil and criminal legal remedies against those individuals and entities who set up marijuana growing facilities and dispensaries, as such actions are in violation of federal law.”

The Edward O. Hawkins and Thomas C. Slater Medical Marijuana Act was enacted in 2006 by the state’s legislature. When then Gov. Donald Carcieri vetoed the bill, the legislature overrode him. The same happened with compassion center legislation.
The law also has support from members of RI’s medical community:
  • Rhode Island Medical Society
  • RI Academy for Family Physicians
  • Rhode Island State Nurses Association
  • United Nurses and Allied Professionals
  • AIDS Project Rhode Island

Federal government: Rhode Islanders think our medical marijuana law is wicked awesome and you have better things to do then trample our rights and waste federal resources (don’t you?).

Gov. Chaffee and other elected officials: Tell the Department of Justice to back off. *I’m from Rhode Island and was once an intern with the Rhode Island Patient Advocacy Coalition

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