Fill Out Our SSDP Membership Survey

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This entry has been published on September 30, 2020 and may be out of date.

Authors: Mariah Gaither ’16, Rob Hofmann ’16, Luis Montoya ’16

As our organization continues to grow and operate through this incredibly turbulent year, we must make sure that our work is centering the desires and advocacy of our members. What would you like SSDP to do more of, or do a better job at? Is there something you want to see changed about our programs, focuses, or events? As always, we need your feedback.

If you were involved in a chapter in the last year, fill out our 2020 SSDP Membership Survey. For SSDPers who have not been involved in a chapter in the last year, or supporters who have never been in a chapter, please fill out our 2020 SSDP Supporter Survey instead. This survey will give you a chance to voice your opinions and give us a chance to hear from the amazing members in our organization! What’s even better about this survey: you can earn CAT Points for your chapter! We highly encourage you to share this with your fellow SSDP members and alumni as well. 

Deadline is Thursday, October 15th at 11:59pm GMT / 7:59pm EST! Do not pass up this opportunity!