Florida State University Implements 911 Good Samaritan Policy

Florida State University Implements 911 Good Samaritan Policy

Our chapter at Florida State University has been working with their administration for years in efforts to implement a 911 Good Samaritan Policy on their campus and their hard work has finally paid off. Florida State University has just announced their new Medical Amnesty Policy, which takes effect this school year.


From Florida State University’s Student Rights and Responsibilities Manual:

Medical Amnesty Policy

The Florida State University (FSU) supports a safe and inclusive environment that enhances academic pursuits and student success. Institutional core values of the Seminole Creed and Responsible Freedom guide our conduct and inform policy and decisions. A Medical Amnesty Policy benefits our campus by encouraging students to make responsible decisions in seeking medical attention in serious or life-threatening situations that result from alcohol and/or other drug use or abuse and in any situation where medical treatment is reasonably believed to be appropriate. This policy seeks to diminish fear of disciplinary and conduct sanctions in such situations and to encourage individuals and organizations to seek needed medical attention for students in distress from alcohol and drug use.


FSU Medical Amnesty Policy Statement and Purpose

FSU Medical Amnesty Policy Procedure

FSU Medical Amnesty Policy FAQ


On August 22, the Florida State University SSDP chapter received this letter of thanks from FSU Administration:

We are ready to move forward with getting the word out on the new Medical Amnesty policy. The marketing team is working on producing the attached flyer. We will be handing out at our DOS table for the Involvement Fair on Tuesday, August 28th. Detailed information on the policy is online at http://srr.fsu.edu/amnesty.html. Please help us in passing on the information to students. I really appreciate all of your work and helping us getting this finalized!

This summer, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed into law statewide 911 Good Samaritan legislation. SSDP will continue to work with colleges and universities all over Florida, encouraging administrations to follow suit and adopt similar policies on their campuses.