Goodbye to a genuine rock star SSDP staffer

As Jon departs SSDP, it seems fitting to publicly thank him for his extraordinary service to the organization.  My first exposure to Jon was in 2007 when he worked with me and others to get then-Senators Obama and McCain on the record about their positions on medical marijuana.  As I’ve had the chance to work more directly with Jon, my respect for him has only increased.  While I am excited about Jon’s new opportunity working at, I will be sad to not benefit from his wise counsel every day. I could link to the ads Jon created while he was here at SSDP, or to video footage of him coordinating events or questioning presidential candidates.  But the most fitting tribute to Jon has to be the video of when he was invited on stage to play with Roots of Creation at our conference in March 2011.  We use the phrase “rock star” pretty regularly to refer to exemplary chapter leaders or activists.  In this context, I will happily employ a double entendre: Jon Perri, you are a rock star. P.S. Stay tuned for an important announcement tomorrow regarding our new staff members!   Back to top