Help our students attend SSDP2014!

Help our students attend SSDP2014!

Our biennial SSDP Conference is a life-changing, transformative educational experience for the students in our network. We want nothing more than to ensure that as many of our students as possible are able to attend. You can help us do that by making a small tax-deductible contribution which will go directly to our students. They would like to share their stories with you, and tell you how important it is for us to bring this failed War on Drugs to an end.

Check out some of our highlighted chapter leader’s campaigns below and donate to help them get to the conference!

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Roosevelt SSDPRoosevelt University chapter

Justice is a common subject touched upon, and when I think of what I’ve learned in philosophy about justice and apply it to drug policy, I see glaring discrepancies.” – Chapter Leader Kathlynn Thomas<

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Sarah Saucedo – Arizona State University

“Many people are still unaware of how closely the War on Drugs affects them, whereas some know all too well. Whether it’s your tax dollars being spent to keep hundreds of thousands of people in jail for nonviolent drug offenses or it’s your loved one that you lost to addiction, everyone has a stake in the War on Drugs.”

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Zach BrownZach Brown – Texas A&M University

“Albert Einstein said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well, the war on drugs has failed and to continue with our tough on drugs approach policies and expecting a different result would be insanity. “

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Rex Tai

Rex Tai – Northwestern University

“As a student, learning about the ways we produce knowledge about drugs has fostered immense intellectual growth, cultivating in me the academic skepticism to critically analyze our country’s laws and culture as well as a ravenous desire to learn still more.”

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Stephanie IzquietaStephanie Izquieta – SUNY Binghamton

“The time to act is now. We have built the momentum necessary to change our drug laws. 58% of Americans are in favor of legalization according to a gallup poll conducted last year. It is time we hold our politicians accountable to the needs of their constituent base.”

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Eric Gudz

Eric Gudz – University of California, Davis

“Upon leaving the service and concluding my short military career, I wanted to be a part of an organization that was serious about tackling the failed war on drugs, and one that wasn’t afraid to get their boots dirty either.”

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10526082_788155377882942_7017393938404456504_n-2Luke Zona – Bowling Green State University

“A reformed policy to educate people about drugs rather than telling them to “just say no” would create a much safer atmosphere in the United States. This is one aspect of drug reform that Students for Sensible Drug Policy pushes for.”

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