Help say thanks to SSDPs donors

Help say thanks to SSDPs donors

The spirit of Thanksgiving this week got us thinking about what Students for Sensible Drug Policy is thankful for. As the largest grassroots drug policy organization in the world, we draw our power from our amazing network of people — students, alumni, educators, non-students, and all other kinds of supporters of sensible drug policy. SSDP is incredibly thankful for all of you.

This Thanksgiving, we’re hoping you can help us express our thanks to our donors.  We think they will really appreciate hearing from people like you who are a part of SSDP but for whatever reason, are unable to contribute financially to our work.

We know there are lots of understandable reasons why you wouldn’t have been able to donate, and that’s okay, we’ve been there ourselves.  But there is something you can do for free right now to help SSDP: write a short thank you note.

Your responses will be compiled in a document to be shared with our Sensible Supporters, Sustainers, Sponsors, and Superstars (these are people who support our work with monthly donations through our Sensible Membership program).  You may choose to submit your message anonymously if you wish.

Perhaps SSDP has provided you with an experience, skill, resource, opportunity to take action, training material, promotional materials, advice, research, networking connection, leadership opportunity, a source of inspiration, or maybe we have touched your life in another way.  Without the financial support provided by our donors, none of this would have been possible. Please consider helping us thank them.

As you know, there are only a few days before Thanksgiving, so please consider taking a minute or two to write your thank you note today.