My Internship Experience at Ideal420

Written by Ericka Persson The SSDP internship program aims at being completely inclusive in preparing its pupils for the business world. In addition to working with your respective company, weekly check-ins guarantee engaged advisors who personally know you and your schedule. The program is extremely accommodating to the hectic life of a student, which is absolutely invaluable considering the many additional responsibilities SSDPer’s usually take on.
Ericka Persson

New York University SSDP Vice President Ericka Persson

The weekly sessions are workshop or discussion based, and are always recorded just in case your schedule isn’t as flexible as you’d like for that week. The SSDP program is different from a normal internship because not only are you involved by doing hands-on work experience, but you are also being given the tools to succeed as a leader in the industry through the workshops and discussions. Both the team in your internship and at SSDP to serve as your support network, and work constantly to make your experience as educational and interesting as possible. Because of them I had an amazing experience while enrolled in this program, and feel more prepared to tackle a career post-grad.