Introducing the 2nd Edition of SSDP’s Just Say Know Peer Education Training!

Introducing the 2nd Edition of SSDP’s Just Say Know Peer Education Training!



At #SSDP2016, we launched the first edition of our Just Say Know Peer Education training curriculum. Since then, we’ve had over 80 students engage in the curriculum, providing much needed feedback, time, support, and help in the development of our 2nd Edition.



Thanks to the time and efforts of many, especially our SSDP certified Peer Educators Robert Hofmann ‘16, Rebecca Dayan ‘15, Zane Bader ‘15, Kevin Garcia ‘15, Luis Montoya ‘16, Conor Burke-Smith ‘16, James Gould ‘15, Edward Baker ‘16, Timothy Spears ‘16, and Karen Walker ‘15, the 2nd Edition is ready! Some changes include new and updated resources, re-arranged order of lessons, brief summaries for each resource, updated questions, and a new reflection submission format.

Most exciting however, are the BRAND NEW lessons developed with help from SSDPErs and friends of SSDP. The first new lesson, the 13th lesson, is a Diversity Awareness Reflection and Education lesson developed with help from the DARE committee. Additionally, we have added two elective lessons, a Nightlife Harm Reduction, developed in collaboration with our friends at DanceSafe and Drug Policy Alliance’s Music Fan program, and a Psychedelics lesson covering history, policy, health, and society in relation to psychedelics developed in collaboration with the Chicago Psychedelic Club (including a bonus 50% SSDP-only discount for Psychedelics Today’s Navigating Psychedelics: Lessons on Self-Care and Integration course!). SSDPers are not required to complete the elective lessons to become a SSDP certified Peer Educator training; these lessons are included as a result of the interests of our network!

Finally, in addition to the updated resources, we will also be including a new delivery format – webinars! Our Drug Education Manager has been working on creating presentations for each of the lessons that condenses the information you need to become the BEST Peer Educator. The webinars will allow chapters and individuals to more efficiently move through the training curriculum, while still having access to the original curriculum format with all resources. We will be hosting open webinars* in the near future, so be on the lookout for those. Additionally, if you’d like to set up a webinar for your chapter or group, contact Vilmarie for scheduling.

*Special thanks to the rockstars at DePaul’s SSDP chapter for being the guinea pigs of several of these lesson webinars and providing very valuable feedback!

Happily dancing about this launch,