Introducing one of our new fall interns

Shortly after moving to Washington D.C. I met Stacia at an internship bazaar held at American University where I learned about Students for a Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP). I was very impressed and immediately applied for a semester internship, and to my surprise was chosen for it.
Today’s current drug policies violate citizen’s liberties, are ineffective, and costly. I have witnessed both sides of today’s drug policies, the destruction of a poor drug policy, and benefit of a somewhat sensible drug policy (of course there is room for improvement). This sparked my interest in drug policy, and led to my realization that there must be reform which requires the public to take action and interning at SSDP has given me the opportunity to take action and do my part in the advancement of this cause.
My interests include ending the war on drugs, which costs billions of dollars every year and turning our focus to education and treatment. I also believe strongly in getting addicts the help they need instead treating them like criminals and overdose awareness. To accomplish this would require a change in societies view on drugs, and policy reform.