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Over the last four years it has been an absolute honor to serve as SSDP’s point person for our international chapters and programs. With an SSDP presence in 33 countries and counting, our work has spread beyond borders by connecting like-minded young people to a family of peers who share a vision for a world free of oppressive drug policies. We have established ourselves as the premier global grassroots movement for young people looking to end the War on Drugs, and continue to find exciting new ways to support global youth activism.

Recognizing that an international network requires international leadership, we have identified three rockstar SSDP leaders in Europe, West Africa, and Latin America who will begin to oversee our chapters in these respective regions. These Global Fellows, as we are calling them, will be responsible for advising new and existing SSDP chapters, connecting members with regional allies & resources, and highlighting the noteworthy SSDP accomplishments in their regions. They will also be advising SSDP’s staff on how to effectively manage our network to make it more accessible, resourceful, and welcoming for international members. With high quality SSDP chapters already active in these three regions, we believe the presence of our Global Fellows will help these chapters achieve even more victories in the fight to end unjust drug policies everywhere.

I am thrilled to introduce the SSDP family and our supporters to our three new Global Fellows:

Orsi Fehér ‘16 – Europe Global Fellow

Orsi first joined SSDP in 2016 when she founded the University of Vienna chapter, which has now grown into SSDP Austria. She earned her MSc in Communication Science at the University of Vienna, where she works as a Research Associate. Orsi has also been a consistent representative for SSDP at the United Nations, and just this past March was elected to serve on the board of the UN’s NGO Committee on Drugs. Orsi is also a founding member of the Psychedelic Society of Vienna and is co-ordinating the Psychedelic Welfare (PsyCare) project in Austria.

Moronfolu Adeniyi ‘14 – West Africa Global Fellow

Moronfolu first joined SSDP in 2014 as a member of the SSDP Nigeria chapter. He is a young African that believes in the ideas of individual liberty. He promotes mutual respect among students in Africa and is a major voice for drug policy reform in Nigeria. He has spoken at various forums, conferences, and trainings for young people across Africa. He graduated from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta were he studied child development and family studies. Moronfolu is also a graduate from the West Africa Executive Course on Drug Policy and Human Rights. He is passionate about a society free from oppression and abuse of fundamental human rights. Aside from SSDP, he is currently an executive board member at Students for Liberty Africa.

Marisa Morales ‘15 – Latin America Global Fellow

Marisa has been working on drug policy in México for six years, and has been a leader of EPSD México for three years. She graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana Mexico City with a degree in Psychology. Marisa also attended the 2017 International Drug Strategies Convention in Bangkok, where she served as a representative from Latin America. With the EPSD México chapter she has organized different events and forums around México to make the damage caused by the War on Drugs more visible. She has also been informing communities and schools on psychoactive substances and harm reduction through interactive workshops. She is thrilled to now be working as SSDP’s Latin America Global Fellow.

As for myself, as of this week I will be moving into a part-time role with SSDP while I pursue a Masters degree in Human Rights at Central European University in Budapest. As the International Program Manager I will continue to serve as the point person for chapters in other global regions, lead up our engagement at the United Nations, and identify new development pathways that will help support our international programs. I’m excited to continue working with the Global Fellows and the rest of SSDP staff to support global youth activism. I have no adequate words to express just how grateful I am to have the trust of the global SSDP family to continue in this role, and promise to continue putting forth the best effort I can to help our members end the injustices caused by the global War on Drugs.