Introducing SSDP Burundi

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This entry has been published on October 27, 2020 and may be out of date.

Lambert Nduwayezu is a writer, blogger and actor, he studied Economics at the University of Ngozi. A libertarian, he believes that individual and economic freedom is the only way for our Africa to prosper and dreams of an Africa where limited government serves the rule of law. So everyone is free to make their choice without any government intervention. He is the founder of the Institute for Economics and Enterprises.

Drug use in Burundi is a reality, young people use drugs and the measures taken against drug users in Burundi run counter to human rights. Drug users are sometimes stigmatised, discriminated against and regarded as deviant in Burundi. This is due to the repressive and discriminatory policies put in place by Burundi and society in general in the war against drugs. So this has to change, to change how drug users are seen as individuals and to change the situation in the fight against counter productive drug policies.

As a chapter in Burundi, in the long term we will try to contribute to the fight against counter productive drug policies. First of all, we will seek SSDP recognition on the national territory, i.e. accreditation and partnership agreements with the competent ministries. Then we will create clubs in the universities operating in Burundi. In the short term, we will continue to hold meetings to exchange information and provide training on drug policies in Burundi. We will seek to build the capacity of chapter leaders also to serve better. We hope to organize events on drug policy advocacy for drug users and other activities if the financial and material means allow us to do so. 

Our chapter currently has 10 student and graduate members. Among them are lawyers, doctors, economists. All of them are committed to a reasonable drug policy. We want to focus our efforts firstly on the recognition of our chapter and secondly on changing discriminatory and penalizing policies against drug users and policies penalizing traffickers of these products in Burundi.