Introducing SSDP Rwanda

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This entry has been published on December 18, 2020 and may be out of date.

This is an interview with Justin Nkunzimana ‘20, chapter leader of SSDP Rwanda 

Tell me a bit about yourself, what you study, your interests and why you decided to start a chapter.

My name is Justin Nkunzimana and I am advocate for peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development. I am student at the University of Rwanda and I am passionate about drug policy reforms which is the motive that pushed me to start a chapter in my country

Tell me a bit about the war on drugs in Rwanda and what needs to change.

We are experiencing a hard time of drug policies that harm drug users and condemn them in prisons for long years. There should be a change from imprisoning to tolerance. We need to create more service centers rather than drug users’ prisons in our country

What are your goals, what actions do you hope to achieve, tell me a bit about your members, what will be your focus?

We are focused on advocating harm reduction for drug users and we hope to influence drug policy reforms in our society. We shall achieve all because the members of chapter are really committed to end the drug war.