Join our new club, the Sensible Society

Join our new club, the Sensible Society

Since SSDP was founded 16 years ago, we’ve seen unprecedented movement away from criminalizing drug users and toward evidence-based policies for young people and adults alike. It’s not just that marijuana policy reform is advancing more quickly than anyone imagined: broad drug policy reforms are advancing as well. SSDP students and alumni have participated in virtually every reform at the grassroots or in leadership, and today as attitudes around the world are shifting we have an obligation to harness this momentum.

And that’s where you come in. By joining our new club, the Sensible Society, you can help us continue this unprecedented progress toward more sensible drug laws and ensure SSDP alumni continue to be leaders in ending the Drug War.


Sensible Society donors pledge minimum gifts (tax-deductible, of course) at one of four levels on a monthly basis. These unrestricted funds support Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s day-to-day operations, staff, and infrastructure to ensure chapters can continue to thrive and resources to grow will be available when they are needed. Sensible Society donors understand that consistent funding provides the stability SSDP needs to remain a dynamic, flexible, scrappy organization, and they commit themselves to helping SSDP build a more sensible society in which we value education, not incarceration.

Our progress toward building that more sensible society can only continue with the support of those people who care most about creating this future with us. Join the Sensible Society today.

P.S. Are the Sensible Society gift levels not quite right for you? That’s okay: You can make a monthly gift of any amount by sending us an email or calling 202-393-5280.