Join SSDP in Oakland for A Sensible Celebration

Join SSDP in Oakland for A Sensible Celebration

Hey friends of sensible drug policy: I’m Randy Hencken, chair of Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s Board of Trustees and CEO of Blue Frontiers. I enthusiastically invite you to our Sensible Celebration in Oakland on Monday, June 12.

In my humble opinion, SSDP is among the most important drug policy reform organizations…as it has been since 1998! When I look around at the progress we’ve made in the last two decades reforming arcane drug war policies, I can’t help but think our successes are directly correlated with the growth of the vibrant movement led by the amazing students in our chapter network. In order to protect our gains and fight against the drug warriors who have taken control of the Justice Department, we need to support the next generation: people who understand that compassionate and sensible drug policies are always better than prohibitionist policies.

I’ve been giving my time and money to support SSDP since I finished graduate school and became an SSDP alum. I’ve had a front row seat to see SSDP undergo some significant changes that have made us better, stronger, and more efficient than ever before. But it takes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in order to be effective in supporting our vast network. You can do your part by coming to celebrate our awesome students with our Bay area crew. Buy a ticket – bring a friend. If you can’t join us in person, make a donation. Donating to SSDP is one of the best ways to leverage your money against the horrors of the War on Drugs.

A Sensible Celebration
Classic Cars West
411 26th St, Oakland
Monday, June 12 7:30 – 11pm
Admission: $100 in advance or $150 at the door
Current students are eligible for free admission with a volunteer shift.
Please share the event via Facebook.

I hope to see you at the Celebration!

P.S. What is Blue Frontiers? Come chat with me at the Celebration and I’ll tell you about the semi-politically-autonmous floating islands we’re developing in a special economic seazone in Tahiti. I’ll share stories about crystal clear lagoons, breadfruit and fresh fish, parties on va’as, a gala at the presidency in Tahiti, and of course what Blue Frontiers intends to do with floating islands.