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Note from staff 

The Students for Sensible Drug Policy report card is back! After a hiatus, we’re excited to share the July SSDP report card. The Report Card is where you can learn about what chapters are up to, see where we’ve been featured in the news, learn about the newest SSDP activists and chapters, upcoming events, recommended reading, and more.

Across the globe, SSDPers have been working to oppose harmful legislation, support a groundbreaking US cannabis legalization bill, conduct overdose response training, and host wildly successful Support Don’t Punish events. Thank you for staying in touch and committed to our shared vision to end the War on Drugs and start making sense!

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  1. DePaul University
  2. University of Pittsburgh 
  3. University of Texas Austin
  4. SSDP Ghana
  5. University of California Santa Cruz
  6. Ferris State University
  7. Yale University
  8. University of Vienna
  9. University College Cork
  10. United Methodist University


  • 7,132 CAT points logged this program year
  • 1,110 communications to elected officials
  • 265 new digital advocates 
  • 170 care packages assembled for the upcoming semester
  • 2 new SSDP certified Just Say Know peer educators
  • 2 new countries in which we are active

New activists and chapters

  • Adler University (Illinois, United States)
  • Apex Friendship High School (North Carolina, United States)
  • Catholic University of Bukavu (Democratic Republic of the Congo)
  • Elon University (North Carolina, United States)
  • Illinois State University (Illinois, United States)
  • Oakland Community College (Michigan, United States)
  • Point Pike University (Pennsylvania, United States)
  • SSDP Uganda (Uganda)
  • Texas Tech University (Texas, United States)
  • University of Arkansas at Little Rock (Arkansas, United States)
  • University of Chicago (Illinois, United States)
  • University of Houston (Texas, United States)
  • University of North Carolina Charlotte (North Carolina, United States)
  • University of Hawaii at West Oahu (Hawaii, United States)

Network highlights

  • Adebisi Yusuff Adebayo ‘19, president of University of Ibadan SSDP, represented SSDP Nigeria at the Global Forum on Nicotine 2019 Conference in Warsaw, Poland and discussed the international perspective on tobacco harm reduction and the state of tobacco harm reduction in Nigeria on a panel.
  • Fahad Chikija ’19, Kaduna State Coordinator for SSDP Nigeria, received the “Award of Honour” from the Global Socio-Economic and Financial Evolution Network in acknowledgment of his outstanding contribution to global peace, good leadership, and humanitarian services.
  • SSDP Nigeria members, along with Knowledge and Orientation over Drug Abuse and the Ogun State Drug Control Board, met with a tribal leader in Abeokuta Ogun State to request support for better drug policies in Nigeria. 
  • The Nigerian Tribune covered SSDP Nigeria’s Support Don’t Punish day of action, which drew hundreds of attendees.  
Sierra Leone
  • SSDP Sierra Leone hosted a Support Don’t Punish event during which the Minister of Youth Affairs, Hon. Mohamed Orman Bangura, said “In my opinion as a minister representing the youth of this country, contrary to punitive actions on drugs and young people affecting youth development, I say, for so many benefits of medical cannabis including medicinal, economic and touristic purposes, it is good we legalize cannabis based on the above mentioned and the government is working on that.”
United States
  • Louisa Munk ‘19, president of University of Southern Maine SSDP, wrote an op-ed calling for passage and enactment of Maine’s Act To Address the Opioid Crisis through Evidence-based Public Health Policy. 
  • Caton Liang ‘19, founder of the brand new chapter at University of West Oahu, met with school administrators to advocate for reduced penalties for campus drug offenses.
  • Hannah Westphal ‘19, founder of the brand new chapter at Illinois State University, was interviewed by Psychedelics Today on their Instagram story.  
  • University of California Santa Barbara SSDP reported that they made important progress on campaigns to improve the school’s Good Samaritan 911 policy and decriminalize drug checking kits, in addition to hosting four major campus events.

Upcoming events and days of action

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