July 2021 – U.S Policy Council Monthly Round-Up

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This entry has been published on August 4, 2021 and may be out of date.


  • SSDP’s comments and Relevant Summary of the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act is in progress, due September 1st
  • New actions added to the Action Center!
    • Urge Congress and the Biden Administration to Eliminate Funding for International Crop Eradication here
    • Urge Representatives to Co-sponsor and Support the Drug Policy Reform Act of 2021 here
  • New U.S Policy Council Tactical Team Vote Tracker started July 2021
  • U.S Policy Quick Links – Policy council members are welcome to build on and contribute to this living resource. Be sure to check it out and add to it, it is changing all of the time! Not a member? Sign up here!

All current legislative endorsements and sign-on letters for Congress and the Biden administration can be found here.

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Issue Group Updates & Relevant Highlights:


  • Working on Cannabis Administration Opportunity Act (CAOA) comments and summary, the Senate bill to legalize marijuana with restorative justice measures
  • Continuing outreach for more chapters to sign-on to the More Act endorsement letter

Drug Decrim

  • Drug Decriminalization Resolution receiving final touches, to be public in the next few weeks
  • Drug Decriminalization Model Ordinances for implementing the Resolution will be made in collaboration with the Parabola Center
  • Guide on how to pass the Drug Decriminalization Resolution and Ordinances is in progress
  • New Drug Policy Reform Action Center letter

Global Drug Policy – Crop Eradication Coalition

  • 80+ orgs/individuals have signed on to the letter
  • Day of action to demand the end of aerial crop eradication of psychoactive plants in Latin America (October 11th, to replace Columbus day)
  • Establishment of August 11th call on Coca, Colombia, and Congress

Harm Reduction

  • July and August hiatus

Scientific Research

  • Working with Cannabis group to establish comments for the CAOA

Sentencing, Re-entry, and Juvenile Justice Reform

  • Working on a letter for the action center to address the EQUAL Act, reducing sentencing disparities between crack cocaine and powder cocaine.

Highlights in the News:

Cannabis-Related Highlights:

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