June 2020 Report Card

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This entry has been published on July 15, 2020 and may be out of date.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s June 2020 Report Card is out! Read through and check out the awesome achievements made by our global members last month.

Last week, we announced that Stacia Wallis ‘05 and Betty Aldworth will soon be laid off from SSDP in light of the ongoing health pandemic and accompanying economic recession. While we are saddened to have to reduce staff in this manner, we know that our careful attention and planning will allow us to adapt, fundraise, and streamline to ride out several years of anticipated recession or depression. You can read about our future plans and accomplishments during their tenure on our blog

SSDP’s work is as critical as ever. Here’s how you can help. 

No matter how difficult, change is always an opportunity for growth. With our members and faithfully dedicated alumni, we have been working to adapt to a new political, social, and campus reality. We’ve been working with the Board of Directors to support organizational governance, with chapter leaders to provide training and support to peers, and with our partners to support policy responses to the unmasking of systematized violence and insufficient healthcare that are propped up by the drug war. 

Please join us in thanking Stacia and Betty for their years of service to the youth movement to end the War on Drugs, and then consider how you can join them as donors and volunteers to help create an ever-more sensible SSDP. 


Your SSDP Global team

Action Alerts 

New Activists and Chapters

  • Southern Illinois University Carbondale (United States)
  • Northwestern University (United States)
  • Texas A&M University (United States)


  • 2 of our brand new SSDP101 trainings held
  • 100% of our 2019-2020 fundraising goal met 
  • 89 members coached
  • 121 people currently engaged in Just Say Know training
  • 34 members and supporters attended the SSDP Orientations in June

Network highlights

  • Support. Don’t Punish. actions and events were held by SSDP Berlin, SSDP Budapest, SSDP Ghana, SSDP Graz, SSDP Nigeria, SSDP Sierra Leone, SSDP UK,  SSDP Vienna, and SSDP Zimbabwe.
  • SSDP Berlin and SSDP Graz distributed stickers in 8 European cities for Support. Don’t Punish.
  • SSDP Zimbabwe, SSDP UK, SSDP Ireland, and SSDP Berlin held webinars on harm reduction for Support. Don’t Punish.
  • SSDP Nigeria members were on Sweet 107.1 FM, Empire 104.5 FM, and Roots 97.1 FM to discuss harm reduction
  • SSDP Israel became part of the Official Israeli Harm Reduction Forum
  • University of Calabar held an open discussion on drugs titled “Towards Accelerating momentum for Reform (De-cluttering the Drug Narrative)” for Support. Don’t Punish.
  • Michael Hoffman ‘19 lectured the Beer Sheva Law Enforcement Department on harm reduction 
  • Evan Hazlett ’17 from Depaul University SSDP organized a protest of over a hundred people in solidarity with the Black Lives Movement
  • Carmen Jackman ‘19 and Oriana Mayorga ‘13 presented a panel titled “Intersectionality work at SSDP & Inclusion in the Psychedelic Movement” at Psyched2020
  • George Washington University raised $520 for Black Lives Matter DC

Just Say Know Drug Education Roundup

In the June edition of the roundup, our Director of Drug Education shares some of the latest in cannabis and psychedelic research, highlights some current events in overdose prevention, provides updates on how COVID-19 is impacting drug consumption and policy reform efforts, and more!

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Upcoming events and days of action

These events include those which are hosted by SSDP global, or by SSDP chapters, or in which we are partners or co-hosts, or feature an SSDP member as a speaker. If your chapter is hosting an event that you’d like listed, please let your SSDP staff member know. 

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