June 2021 – U.S Policy Council Monthly Round-Up

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This entry has been published on July 1, 2021 and may be out of date.


  • SSDP MORE Act Chapter and Allied Organization Sign-On Letter was published
  • June Hiatus – No meetings for the month of June 🙂
  • U.S Policy Quick Links – everyone is welcome to build on and contribute to this living resource. Be sure to check it out and add to it, it is changing all of the time!

All 117th Congress legislative endorsements and sign-on letters can be found here

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Issue Group Updates & Relevant Highlights

Drug Decriminalization

  • The issue group is continuing to edit and review our Drug Decriminalization Model Resolution, which we plan to launch publicly later in the summer.

Harm Reduction

  • A harm reduction issue group survey was sent out to clarify the interests of the issue group members and chapters in our network who are doing harm reduction work.
  • Rory O’Brien shared a sign on letter from the National Campaign for Harm Reduction Funding requesting rollout of a $30 million funding stream for harm reduction under the American Rescue Act.

Highlights in the News: