La Caravana Contra Represión en México Begins US Speaking Tour

La Caravana Contra Represión en México Begins US Speaking Tour

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Written by Jacki Moreira, SSDP’s Latin America Policy Intern.  Two days ago, the Caravan Against Repression in Mexico arrived in Boston to begin their month long journey through the US. The Caravan will be traveling through 18 different cities, including a stop in Chicago this weekend to speak at the SSDP Midwest Regional Conference. caravan-route

The “War on Drugs”, fabricated in the US to criminalize substances used by people the government sought to marginalize, imprison, kill, and profit from, has also been exported internationally through US foreign policy. American projects such as Plan Colombia, the Mérida Initiative, the Central American Regional Security Initiative, and the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative have sent money, weapons, military equipment and training across Latin America in an alleged attempt to stop the flow and trafficking of drugs to the world’s largest consumer base, the United States. In 2006, Felipe Calderón, then president of Mexico, served the interests of the goliath to the north by replicating US policy in his own declaration of a “War on drugs” in Mexico. Not only has drug production and trafficking increased despite President Calderon’s efforts, more violent and powerful cartels formed while the government sensationalized the capture of a few high-profile leaders. Through all of this, the people of Mexico and the rest of Latin America have suffered from an increase in human rights violations.

The members of the Caravan have come in opposition to the US-funded militarization of Mexico, officially known as the Mérida Initiative, and to represent their communities in the fight against repression, disappearances, and impunity of Mexican authorities.

Who is in the Caravan?

The participants (seven women and one man) are political prisoners´ relatives and representatives of the following organizations:
  • Families of victims of the June 19th Nochixtlán massacre in Oaxaca where federal police forces shot at protesting teachers and the people of this town who reject the recently imposed Education Reform Law.
  • caravaneras

    Members of the Caravan in Mexico City before coming to the US.

    “Nuestras Hijas de Regreso a Casa” from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, who have denounced the violence against women and the forced disappearances termed femicide in México.

Support the Caravan With a Donation

The price of this caravan is approximately $20,000 dollars. This includes expenses for passports, visas, plane tickets, land transportation, and countless other small expenses. While the caravan is an effort of political, rather than economic, solidarity, we believe that the Mexican organizations participating in this tour should obtain some financial support for their struggle Go Fund Me You can donate via Go Fund Me: Caravana contra la represión Online donations Go to SOLIDARITY NETWORK MEXICO site. Click the button DONATE Choose the option: “I would like to dedicate my donation to someone special” In “Gift dedication” write: “CARAVAN AGAINST REPRESSION IN MEXICO” Mark “please send a notification” and send notification of the donation to: