LEAP AMA with Michael Wood

LEAP AMA with Michael Wood

On Wednesday, September 23rd, we were very happy to co-sponsor a Reddit AMA with Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), featuring former Baltimore Police Officer, Michael Wood, Jr. Michael answered questions about his experience as a whistleblower on the Baltimore Police department and how the drug war has perpetuated conflict between communities and police. Below, you’ll find some of his answers that were particularly powerful.
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Michael Wood Jr. talks about how prohibition actually makes drugs easier to access for minors, and how ending prohibition can protect families and children better from the harms of drugs.

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A very common question about drugs that are objectively more harmful than marijuana – and how a public health model that removes criminal penalties and stresses treatment can be an effective tool for harm reduction.

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Michael has taken a lot of risks and dealt with many negative consequences for his speaking out, but in the end, he knows that he is on the right side of history and we applaud him for that.

  You can view the full thread on Reddit