Legalize It! at Bier Baron

Legalize It! at Bier Baron

On Thursday, April 17, LYGO DC will present “Legalize It!,” a live comedy show to kick off the week of 4/20, at the Bier Baron Showroom at 1523 22nd St. LYGO DC has partnered with SSDP, as well as Capella Cannabis, Leopold Bros, Speak Easy Spirits DC, to put on this show, and our own Stacia Cosner represented SSDP’s desire to be a part of the night, saying,

“SSDP is happy to partner with LYGO DC, a group that not only shares our values, but also plays an active role in leading an effort that corresponds directly with our mission to empower young people to have a useful dialogue about drugs and drug policy. By saying ‘Legalize It’, LYGO DC is up front about its position to end drug prohibition, but a comedy show means we can all have a laugh at ourselves before diving back into the hard work of making that happen.”

On the 17th, doors open at 8:30 pm, a half hour before the show starts. Local DMV comedians Jamel Johnson, Sean Joyce, Tyler Richardson, Becca Steinhoff, and Herbie Gill will perform.

Anyone who makes a reservation with the promo code “SSDP” will have 50% of their door proceeds go to SSDP, and the best part is that they will also receive a free drink! 

As Cosner said, the night is about putting a light spin on an issue that means so much not only to our country but the area around our nation’s capital. No matter how seriously anyone fights for an issue like ending a crippling type of prohibition, it’s always good to take a step back, look at everything from a wider, light-hearted perspective, and have a nice laugh.

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