SSDP Teams Up with the Peter Tosh Family

SSDP Teams Up with the Peter Tosh Family

SSDP is incredibly excited to be teaming up with the family of legendary reggae star Peter Tosh for the “What Does ‘Legalize It’ Mean to Me?” video contest!


From Niambe Tosh:

It was thirty-five years ago that my dad, Peter Tosh, released his groundbreaking hit, “Legalize It.”  His song became an anthem for a generation of young people who shared his mission that marijuana should be legal.  As a mom and a teacher, I see how our marijuana laws have failed this generation.  That’s why I’m proud to work with Students for Sensible Drug Policy to generate support for the upcoming marijuana legalization bill.

Please watch this video to see how you can help us by making your own ad or video in support of the bill.  Here’s a hint …  You can answer this question: “What does ‘Legalize It’ mean to me?”  You can win a free commemorative box set of the album that Sony Records has graciously agreed to offer if we use your ad. Click here to find out more about the contest rules and prizes.

This contest asks our supporters to put together a 30 or 60 second public service announcement promoting marijuana legalization. This is a great opportunity to hone in on your video editing skills and spread the message far and wide about the failures of marijuana prohibition and the need for legalization and regulation.

Suggested Commercial Themes:

  • What Does “Legalize It” Mean to Me?
  • No Longer a Fringe Issue: Support for Legalization is Larger than Ever
  • Legalize to End Drug War Violence
  • Stop Wasting Tax Dollars on Prohibition: Legalize and Tax It!


  • Submissions must be either 30 seconds or 60 seconds – no more, no less.
  • Submissions must feature the SSDP logo and url found here:
  • PSAs should rely on factual and sourced information. Use statistics you can back up
  • This is a video about reasons why marijuana should be legalized. It is not a video for celebrating or encouraging the use of marijuana.
  • Check out some of the radio PSAS below for an idea on how to structure or narrarate your video.


  • After completing your video, send the link to
  • 6 videos will be selected for the first round of the contest.
  • SSDP will post 2 videos per week to our facebook page and these videos will compete to get the most “likes.”
  • Once we have 3 finalists, the SSDP staff and board will select the winning video!


  • Grand Prize: Commermative Peter Tosh “Equal Rights” Box Set and Your Video Used for our “Legalize It” Campaign!
  • Second Place: Just Say Now Gift Basket (hemp t-shirt, frisbee, water bottle, mint tin, hemp tote-bag, pins, and knit hat)
  • Third Place: Free Conference Registration to the 2012 SSDP International Conference.
  • The first 10 entries all get an SSDP War on Us T-Shirt
  • *Contest prizes are subject to change.


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