Maryland Mayor House Raided

The mayor of the Berwyn Heights community in Maryland, Cheye Calvo, found himself last Tuesday evening on the floor of his house with his hands behind his back, wearing nothing but boxers and socks, with his two beloved dogs’ bloody carcasses lying lifeless next to him for hours. The first question that pops into my mind after hearing a description like this is what kind of an evil criminally minded lunatic would go to such disgustingly brutal lengths to torture someone? And what could have Mayor Calvo possibly done that inspired such an attack? The answer, surprisingly enough, is that it was no criminal at all, at least not according to the government. In fact, it was the Prince George’s County Police Department who broke into Mayor Calvo’s house during a no-knock raid, shot his two Labrador Retrievers, and interrogated Mayor Calvo and his mother-in-law for hours about a package that had been intercepted in Arizona addressed to the mayor’s wife containing 32 pounds of marijuana. After raiding the house with a SWAT team, and finding absolutely nothing, police released the Calvos, coming out with no arrests. After receiving support and permission from Mayor Calvo, University of MD- College Park’s SSDP chapter held amemorial service in memory of the two innocent lives lost to the War on Drugs last Sunday. Thirty-six people showed up, received ribbons, joined each other in a moment of silence, and listened to a quick speech from Stacia Cosner, former UMD SSDP President, about other tragic cases in which dogs have been killed by police. While the memorial service was held to mourn for the loss of Chase and Payton Calvo, a more politically focused demonstration highlighting how often the War on Drugs takes innocent victims’ lives is soon to come. Thanks to everyone who helped out with and came to the memorial service. Chase and Payton Calvo, you will never be forgotten.