My SSDP chapter plans from 2007

My SSDP chapter plans from 2007

UMD SSDP Strategic Plan Outline 2007 As many of you know, I have been a member of the Students for Sensible Drug Policy national staff for the past four years, currently serving as Deputy Director. But my involvement with SSDP started much before that (I went to my first UMD SSDP chapter meeting in August 2005) while I was an undergrad at the University of Maryland. Recently, an SSDP alum and close friend of mine, John Decker was preparing to move out and while going through his things he found a crumpled up, stained piece of paper with my handwriting on it. The top of the page reads: “Strategic Plan – 2007-2008 – UMD SSDP” and it outlines the plans I had for the University of Maryland SSDP chapter that year (I served as President of the UMD chapter from 2006-2008). Check out a scan of the document here. I’ve also transcribed the contents of below in case it is difficult to read.
  Strategic Plan – 2007-2008 – UMD SSDP   I. Committees – stress separate meetings & reports

1. Campus Policy (Stacia, chair)

2. Publications/Website (Rebecca, chair)

3. Outreach/Recruitment (Rachel, chair)

4. State/Federal Policy (Stacia, chair)

5. Coalitions/Collaborations (Dave S., chair)

6. Conferences & Trips (Amanda, chair)

7. Harm Reduction Center – Winter/Spring 08 (Morgan, chair)

8. Fundraising (Patrick, Matt, co-chairs)

II. Campaigns

1. Reform marijuana sanctions

– Res. Life

– Police

– Health Center

– MD State Legislature

– Professional/Academic/Faculty/VIP support

2. Schools not prisons

– Divestment/SGA, Senate resolutions

– State protest/lobbying

– Fiscal shift

– President Mote: Give $ to UMD, not a new prison

3. Medical amnesty

– Len Bias

– Univ. Senate/SGA policy change

– State level

III. Chapter Development

1. YouTube videos/site videos

– Weekly update from execs (UMD & Nat’l)

– Radio show?! – WMUC

– Encounters w/ administration

– Documentary – A day in the life of an SSDPer

– Meeting highlights

– Commentary

– Announcements

2. Alumni network & outreach (Decker, chair)

What is your chapter’s strategic plan for the year? Share your responses on Facebook or by commenting below. As students across the country prepare to go back to school, we want to make sure they hit the ground running. Please consider making a donation today as part of our Back To School Fundraising Drive And just for fun, here are some UMD SSDP chapter photos from 2007.
Stacia and Amanda UMD SSDP meeting 2007

Stacia Cosner and Amanda VanHoesen leading a University of Maryland SSDP chapter meeting in 2007.

Stacia Cosner leading UMD SSDP chapter meeting 2007

Stacia Cosner leading a UMD SSDP chapter meeting in 2007.

UMD SSDP chapter group 2007

Members of the University of Maryland Students for Sensible Drug Policy chapter in 2007.