Name: Nicholas Davies Chapter: Front Range Community College Location: Longmont, Colorado  When did you first get involved with SSDP and why do you like being part of the organization?  I was first introduced to SSDP during my second year in Student Government when I was fortunate enough to meet a fellow by the name of Christopher Pezza. After a few legislative sessions Chris and I found that we had similar thoughts on many issues regarding drug policy and the way it should be approached (not to forget a liking for “The Talking Heads”). At the time he was also founding our current chapter at the college and was in need of help getting it going. I agreed one day to attend a meeting and from then on forth have considered myself a drug policy activist. What I like about being part of this organization is that it gives a forum for like minded people to pool their ideas and knowledge to create a positive impact on their local communities. What issues are important for the Front Range Community College SSDP chapter?  At this point one of our biggest issues at hand is changing the data; It’s difficult to be taken seriously as a student’s organization with out being able to own up to one’s “student responsibilities.” Do you have any events/campaigns planned?  One of our chapter mantras is to always have at least one event planned. We just finished the final week of the semester with an event where we reserved our community room for students looking for a quiet place to study. Along with the quiet study space we were given tea from the Environmental Club to provide students with a nice perk to their day. This event being is a part of our “A’s before J’s” campaign encouraging students and current SSDP members (and all students) to prioritize their grades before their recreational use of drugs including alcohol. What has been your favorite experience with SSDP? Knowing that every action we take gets us closer to a better America. That experience in itself is invaluable. Do you have any advice for other chapter leaders?  Know that in the action of being a student; That role, when completed with pride, will only lead to gains for our goals, and falter those whom criticize our intent. That and go to new student orientation. Have a table. Something. It is a way to get members hooked at the very get go of the semester. If anything do it just to inform.