No pressure or anything, young voters

No pressure or anything, young voters

Yesterday, SurveyUSA and the Denver Post reported new findings on the chances of Colorado voters legalizing marijuana like alcohol tomorrow.

In a memo to the Denver Post, the pollsters explained:

“Passage would be driven largely by the support of younger voters, who sometimes are less reliable, turnout-wise, than are older voters. Older voters oppose Amendment 64, and if the amendment should go down to defeat, it will be because younger Coloradans talked the talk but did not walk the voting-booth walk.”

I’m out here in Colorado with our outreach crew to make sure that young people walk the walk and get out to vote. I just finished speaking at a rally on the Auraria campus and I’m so fired up to see our rock star chapter members there in action. The best part — almost everyone attending the rally or walking by has already voted in favor of the initiative!!!

As you probably know, SSDPers around the nation have already made almost 15,000 calls to Colorado voters. If you’ve helped with that effort, thank you so much. If you haven’t yet, please consider visiting our phonebank now to make some calls.

Thanks for helping us make history.