North Dakota aims to Ban Alcohol at College Events

North Dakota aims to Ban Alcohol at College Events

Representative Chuck Damschen (R-ND) has introduced a bill that would ban drinking or possessing alcohol at college sporting events if anyone under the age of 18 is attending the game. If adopted, the bill would prohibit alcohol in stadiums and tailgate parties, even if they took place across the street.

“I thought this is a chance for everybody who says that they care about this problem to get on board and support a step in at least getting the discussion going,” said Damschen of his bill.

But Damschen’s effort to ban booze at sporting events is opposed by many, including the general manager of the Ralph Engelstad Arena, home to University of North Dakota hockey games. Others say it’s unnecessary all together because some schools, like North Dakota State University, do not serve alcohol in its arenas.

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