November 2020 Report Card

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This entry has been published on December 9, 2020 and may be out of date.

What a year it has been for cannabis policy reform! Between the seven winning U.S. state ballot initiatives for adult use and medical cannabis legalization, the United Nations vote to remove cannabis from Schedule IV- recognizing its medicinal benefits, and the passage of the MORE Act in the United States House of Representatives, we have seen a historic blow to cannabis prohibition in 2020. Thank you to our youth members for the hard work you have put into advocacy and organizing this year and thank you to our generous supporters for making this work possible. We would not have achieved these major victories without you. 

While we’ve certainly made some major headway in dismantling cannabis prohibition worldwide, there is still so much work to be done. Marijuana is still Schedule I at the United Nations. The MORE Act’s success in the U.S. Senate hinges on the outcome of the Georgia run-off elections. The end of cannabis prohibition depends on the continued, concerted global effort to dismantle failed drug war policies and replace them with policies that not only ensure safe and legal access to cannabis but also repair the damages done by the War on Drugs and empower communities that have been the most harmed by prohibition. 

We need your help to win. From now through December 31st, SSDP Esteemed Trustees Green Lion Partners and 4Front Ventures, along with Dr. Bronner’s, are matching all gifts made to SSDP up to $55,000. Make a gift today and double your impact on ending the draconian War on Drugs and replacing it with policies rooted in compassion, science, and human rights. 

Thank you for your support. Please enjoy our November Report Card. 

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New Activists and Chapters

  • University College Dublin (Ireland)
  • London School of Economics (United Kingdom)
  • SSDP New Zealand (New Zealand)

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Network highlights

  • SSDP UCL & SSDP Durham held a joint, open-discussion event on drug ethics
  • Bashorun Olufemi ‘17 & Moronfolu Adeniyi ‘14 were on Ogun State, Nigeria TV (OGTV) talking about Drug Misuse: Addressing Social Economic Impact
  • SSDP UCL & Volteface ran a Lobbying training based on the Principles of UK Drug Policymaking
  • SSDP Africa launched a new Orientation Program 

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