October Monthly FYI

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Top 10 CAT Leaderboard

  1. University College Cork
  2. University of Colorado Boulder
  3. University of Texas Austin
  4. Florida International University
  5. University of North Georgia Gainesville
  6. SSDP Ghana
  7. Ferris State University
  8. Kent State University
  9. Dublin City University
  10. University of Vienna

Recent chapter accomplishments


  • University College Cork spent 200 hours this summer volunteering at music festivals, conducting harm reduction services including outreach, education, crisis support, monitoring and non-judgmental advice to festival-goers. Using their experience as a demonstration of their expertise on the subject, they brokered a deal with the UCC administration to provide the same services at an on-campus festival this fall.

Midwest Region

  • Rob Goldsmith of Bowling Green State University presented medical amnesty to his student government and the University President. He was able to personally meet with the University President, who said that it was a great idea. He had more than a few student senators come up to him afterwards and ask how they can make it happen as quickly as possible. Because of his work on this, he’s also been invited to join the task force around drug and alcohol use on campus.
  • Eliza Goehl of Indiana University was featured in her school newspaper for starting an SSDP chapter.
  • DePaul University hosted a kickoff meeting with 50+ students in attendance.

Pacific Region

  • SSDPer Alex Harrison of Occidental College secured a spot on the campus Alcohol and Other Drugs Committee, an administration-faculty-student joint body that reviews OXY’s drug policies, makes sure they’re following the Safe Campuses Act, and implements changes as they see fit.

Southeast Region

  • Florida State University hosted a very successful first general meeting with 60 participants in attendance.

Northeast Region

  • SUNY New Paltz made informational postcards about how to reduce local marijuana arrests that they sent to all candidates running for local offices this November.

New Chapters

Heartland Region

  • Creighton University (In progress)

International Region

  • SSDP Philippines (Ambassador)
  • University of Auckland (In progress)

Mid-Atlantic Region

Mountain Region

  • Weber State University (In progress)

Southeast Region

  • East Tennessee State University (In progress)

Northeast Region

  • Connecticut College (In progress)
  • University of New Hampshire (In progress)

Pacific Region

  • Mills College
  • California State University, Dominguez Hills (In progress)
  • California State University Los Angeles (In progress)
  • California State University, Monterey Bay (In progress)
  • Mt San Jacinto College (In progress)
  • University of Washington (In progress)

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