Our global fight has never been more important

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This entry has been published on July 14, 2020 and may be out of date.

In the midst of our global public health crisis, vulnerable populations across the world are suffering the most, particularly people who use drugs, who lack access to health care and whose human rights are systematically denied. Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s global fight for the health, dignity, and rights of people who use drugs has never been more important. 

Our members are supporting their communities and changing policies in more than 30 countries, each with its own unique political, geographic, social, economic, and health challenges. With extremely limited resources, we are fighting passionately for the human rights of people who use drugs — and winning. We’ve had some incredible successes across the globe, and we’ll be sharing them with you as part of SSDP Global Week from now until Friday.

Over the next year, the SSDP global team will establish an office in Vienna to access new funding opportunities, increase our presence at the United Nations, and create a structure that accommodates regional and cultural differences across our network. This strategic expansion will provide members with a whole new world of opportunities for reform. Can you help us raise $5,000 this week to kick off this powerful new project?

We are working towards a future where the punitive and discriminatory policies generated by the War on Drugs are replaced with evidence-based supportive policies. But we cannot do this without your help. Please make a gift to the International Activities Fund today, then share our stories with your friends and help us end the global War on Drugs.