Psilocybin 9/20 Coordinated Day of Action – September 20, 2015

Psilocybin 9/20 Coordinated Day of Action – September 20, 2015

Save the date: we’ve partnered up with a new organization called the 920 Coalition to host a nationwide coordinated day of action on 9/20! The purpose of this day of action is to raise awareness of and bring attention to the versatile and often misunderstood psilocybin compound (aka Magic Mushrooms).

What’s so great about psilocybin? For starters, it has shown promise in end of life therapy, treating anxiety and depression, and promoting long term psychological health. So let’s bring this into the light and get people talking about psilocybin!

How to participate

  • Host a speaker, forum, or debate on campus (select chapters will receive funding for speakers!)
  • Screen a documentary
  • Distribute educational materials
  • Host a formal or informal discussion in your chapter
  • Do you have another idea? Please let us know!

STUDENTS: please sign up here so we can keep track of all of the fantastic things you folks are working on and so we can follow up with you with more information and resources.

NON STUDENTS: to participate, please contact