How to use CAT points for Reform Conference Scholarships

How to use CAT points for Reform Conference Scholarships

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This blog post was copied from the weekly CAT chat. To opt in to those emails, reach out to your outreach coordinator!

We want to explain a bit about the SSDP scholarship process for the upcoming Drug Policy Alliance Reform Conference. Reform conferences are one of the premier events in drug policy reform, and SSDP always works hard to have a big presence there.

We’re fortunate that DPA provides us with scholarship money for students to attend. This year, the scholarships will be partially managed by CAT points in the following way:

200 CAT points = full lodging scholarship 190 CAT points = registration for 1 person 1 CAT point = $1 of travel reimbursement Due to some technical difficulties, the process is a little clunkier than we’d like for it to be. So here are the steps to using CAT points for a DPA scholarship:
  1. Begin the DPA Scholarship Application. Unfortunately, you will have to pay the $20 application fee, we could not get DPA to waive that.
  2. You must select that you are a student, and a part of an SSDP chapter
  3. Fill out your demographic and contact information thoroughly.
  4. Do not worry about the in-depth questions, just write something quick in those fields.
  5. Fill out required fields in any way, the actual details will be finalized via the CAT.
  6. Submit your scholarship application to DPA before July 17th.
DPA will turn over the application results to SSDP staff. Scholarships are limited, so we will reach out to each chapter in the order of time stamp of your application as recorded by DPA. Please respond to SSDP quickly when we ask you about the scholarships so we can move on to the next candidate if you end up not using your points or not using all of your points. As always, we will allow you to go into debt on a case by case basis, but you cannot go into points debt if you still have outstanding debt from the last program year. The deadline for SSDP students to apply for a Reform Conference scholarship is July 17th. There will be no extensions. 
  • Password to access the scholarship application after June 9th is: DPAEXT123

*All established chapters are automatically set up with a CAT login. Ambassadors and interim chapters who are ready to start earning points should contact their Outreach Coordinator for a CAT login.