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This entry has been published on December 18, 2020 and may be out of date.

Join us on Tuesday the 22nd of December at 7pm GMT/ 8pm WAT / 10pm EAT for this month’s SSDP Africa Leaders Training. Our topic this month is Drug Policy & Transformational Leadership and we are joined by some of the leading drug policy activists across the continent. Don’t forget to register for this event here. Learn more about our inspiring speakers below!

Maria-Goretti Loglo *15  – International Drug Policy Consortium

Maria-Goretti Ane is a legal practitioner in Ghana and the African Consultant for International Drug Policy Consortium. She serves as the focal point for IDPC in Africa. Maria-Goretti has special interests in human rights and drug policy reforms and has been involved in high level engagements and advocacy on drug use and the law both locally and internationally. She is also an author of a number of articles, research publications in the International Journal of Drug Policy on drug use and harm reduction.  Maria-Goretti Ane has also contributed to a number of book chapters on drug policy and harm reduction.

Richard NININAHAZWE – Africa Network of People Who Use Drugs

Richard NININAHAZWE is from the community of people who use drugs. Member of IDPC, he advocates for friendly drug policies, being a drug user is a choice! Former member of Burundi Country Coordinating mécanisme, he is now the coordinator of AfricaNPUD and member of the steering committee of the upcoming ICASA 2021. For him, drug users deserve a place on the table of advocacy and in design of drug policies.

Lanre Elufisan –  Ominira Initiative for Economic Advancement

Lanre Peter Elufisan is the Executive Director of the Ominira Initiative for Economic Advancement, a think tank with the mission to advance solutions to Africa’s socio-economic issues. Lanre received his first degree at the University of Agriculture Abeokuta, after which he trained as a Journalist at the Nigerian Broadcast Academy. He has an interest in documentary filmmaking and hosts Africa This Month on OminiraTV, the media arm of the Ominira Initiative.

Bernice Apondi – VOCAL-Kenya

Bernice Apondi is a drug policy  and human rights advocate from Kenya. Ms. Apondi has worked as a consultant in East Africa in the areas of drug policy, harm reduction, HIV, human rights, gender, and social policy for more than 15 years. Currently she is the Advisor for Research and Policy at VOCAL-Kenya. Ms. Apondi has been credited with creating and supporting national networks of people who use drugs in East Africa. Previously, she was also a researcher for the Africa Mental Health Foundation. Ms. Apondi holds a Master’s Degree in Sociology and a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and Communication from the University of Nairobi, Kenya.

Moronfolu Adeniyi ‘14 – Moderator (Students for Sensible Drug Policy)

Moronfolu is a young African that believes in the ideas of individual liberty. He promotes mutual respect among students in Africa and is a major voice for drug policy reform in Nigeria. He has spoken at various forums, conferences, and trainings for young people across Africa. He graduated from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta where he studied child development and family studies. Moronfolu is also a graduate from the West Africa Executive Course on Drug Policy and Human Rights. He is passionate about a society free from oppression and abuse of fundamental human rights. Aside from SSDP, he is currently an executive board member at Students for Liberty Africa.