School’s Out: Staying Involved with SSDP After Graduation

School’s Out: Staying Involved with SSDP After Graduation

You just graduated, or are graduating soon, and you find yourself wondering whether you still have a place in Students for Sensible Drug Policy now that you’re no longer a student. Due to the organization’s name, many wonder this. But have no doubt, even after you’re no longer a student, you’re still a part of SSDP. In fact, I became more involved with SSDP after graduating. And this year’s graduates are in an even better position to stay involved than I was when I graduated seven years ago because SSDP recently launched its Alumni Association.

kathryn-parkerThe Alumni Association is designed to provide an official space for alumni to remain active in SSDP and connected with the network after graduation. We also aim to improve chapter continuity with a mentorship program, which will launch this fall.

So what’s required to join? You just have to fill out this simple form. As long as you were involved in an SSDP chapter as a student and are a member of the Sensible Society (which means you make a monthly donation to SSDP), your membership will be approved. It’s that simple.

You may find yourself thinking, “I just graduated, and there’s no way I can afford a monthly donation.”

I can relate. I remember barely scraping by in the months after graduation, as I desperately searched for a job while living with my godmother. We recognize there are times you don’t have much, if anything, to give. That’s why SSDP offers Sensible Society memberships for as little as $1/month for students and alumni. Seriously, only one dollar. You can’t even get a soda for $1.

If you’re still not convinced, consider where that money goes each month – to SSDP. If you’re interested in joining the Alumni Association, I assume you enjoyed your time in SSDP and the experiences and opportunities it brought you. Your monthly donation would help SSDP continue its work building chapters and reforming drug policies, ensuring other students get the SSDP experience, too.

The organization relies on regular individual donations, and the Sensible Society is the perfect place to provide that support, regardless of whether your donation is $1/month or $1,000/month, SSDP needs – and appreciates – your support.

What are you waiting for? Join the Alumni Association today to guarantee you’ll stay connected with SSDP as you enter post-collegiate life. All new members who complete enrollment by the end of this week’s membership drive will be entered to win a free registration to our next conference, SSDP2016!