Should You Support California’s Adult Use of Marijuana Act?

Should You Support California’s Adult Use of Marijuana Act?

Written by Leland Radovanovic, chapter leader of CUNY Baruch College SSDP. This post originally appeared on The Odyssey Online. 

The tide is coming in on cannabis legalization. Public consensus has never been higher. It’s time to legalize. One of the most important states may be next. California. They’ve had, for several decades now, a medical cannabis program. For better or worse, with fairly lax rules. Though access is still limited for many of the 39 million people in the state.

In the past 6 years or so, several legalization bills have come and gone. But, none have gotten as much collective support as the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. But, even with the support of groups like the National Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) and Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), people are still having concerns. Jake Plowden, co-founder of the Cannabis Cultural Association – a monthly meetup group to help bring more diversity into the cannabis industry – sums up the dichotomy of emotions around the AUMA. “We’re hoping that AUMA alleviates a lot of the judicial penalties that comes with cannabis. We’re fearful seeing California become Washington, where patients are struggling to find and pay for medical cannabis. I’m all for access and legality, but if it’s only about money and patients continue to suffer, then it’s a pressing issue that we cannot look past,” he said.

So, what is the AUMA, and why should Californian’s support it?

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