Last week, Aaron Houston and I represented SSDP at the 40th Anniversary NORML Conference in Denver, CO. Aaron spoke on Thursday’s panel, “The Feds, Marijuana and You” (watch the video here).

NORML & SSDP Present: Sister-to-Sister

On Friday, I had the pleasure of joining 4 incredibly inspiring women reformers on the”Closing the Cannabis Gender Gap” panel (full video here, I’m the last speaker beginning ~45:00) See the slides from our presentation on our website. It was there that we announced the launch of an exciting new project that SSDP is proud to be working on with the NORML Women’s Alliance.

The purpose and goals for “Sister-to-Sister” Cultivating Female Activists Mentoring Project are as follows:

  • To connect women in the marijuana movement with each other in order to facilitate a close-knit community of female drug law reform advocates.
  • To make women feel welcomed as part of the larger reform movement by connecting those who have been involved for less than 2-3 years with those who have been involved for more than 2-3 years.
  • To build strong professional and personal relationships between women of all demographics who wouldn’t have otherwise been introduced to one another.
  • To share skills, information, resources, contacts, and other useful knowledge that will help female reformers be more engaged and more effective as they work toward common interests.
  • To empower and instill confidence in women who are interested in seeking leadership positions within their respective groups and organizations.
  • To help close the gender gap that currently exists within the marijuana law reform community.

To read more about “Sister-to-Sister” and to find applications for the program visit our website and to learn more about the NORML Women’s Alliance, visit

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