SSDP Board Commends African Network

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This entry has been published on June 1, 2020 and may be out of date.

Dear SSDP colleagues:

At the direction of the SSDP Board of Directors, it is our great pleasure to convey to all of the members of SSDP’s network in Africa the attached Resolution unanimously adopted by the Board of Directors commending you for your outstanding growth and achievements. The African Network has in a few years created an inspiring model for all of us by building vibrant national organizations, a continent-spanning collaboration, and in many nations, powerful collaborations with the government and civil society to advance drug policy reform.

All of us committed to sensible drug policy know that to change the international drug prohibition regime will require a vast change in the thinking of government leaders in most of the member states in the United Nations. Africa is the largest component group in the United Nations, and the SSDP Africa Network has demonstrated the most rapid and broad initiatives in this effort in SSDP history.

Writing on behalf of the SSDP Board of Directors, we are proud to transmit the attached resolution commending you, and we urge SSDP members and chapters around the world to read this resolution and take encouragement and inspiration from your work.

Sincerely yours,


Chair of the Board of Directors

Chair, Interchapter Collaboration Committee

Co-Founder, People for Sensible Drug Culture