SSDP Campaign Toolkits 2016

SSDP Campaign Toolkits 2016

It’s 2016! With the arrival of the new year, Students for Sensible Drug Policy is excited to share with you four brand new campaign toolkits – all can be found on the Campaign Toolkits page.

Psychedelic (Entheogenic) Legalization Toolkit
This year, millions of people will use psychedelics for the first time, with little to no information about harm reduction, and outside of a supervised medical context. As part of SSDP’s mission to reduce harm around drug use through policy reform and education, we have outlined the initial steps for making change on your campus and local community.

Harm Reduction Advocacy Toolkit
Harm reduction is also considered a social justice movement based on the belief that people who use drugs have rights, and should be respected. Because true harm reduction should be designed to meet people where they’re at, there is no universal definition of, or formula for implementing harm reduction. Rather, harm reduction should be based on the individual and community’s needs. The following guide gives you and your chapter a “menu” of options for advocating for harm reduction policies and practices on your campus.

Call 911 Good Samaritan Policy Toolkit (Revamped!)
A campus Good Samaritan Policy (GSP) is a life-saving measure designed to prevent students from hesitating to call for medical assistance in the event of a medical emergency related to alcohol or other drugs. Follow the link to learn how you can advocate for Good Samaritan Policies on campus.

On the Record Toolkit (Revamped!)
This is a project of SSDP that seeks to get politicians on the record about their stances on drug policy. With support for legalizing marijuana higher than ever before, and 76% of likely voters saying they feel the war on drugs has failed, the time is ripe for students to speak truth to power and get politicians on film answering tough questions.

If you have questions, please contact your Outreach Coordinator.

Stay Sensible!