SSDP Chapter Leaders Newsletter February 2013

SSDP Chapter Leaders Newsletter February 2013 Hi there SSDP rockstars! We hope your chapters are off to a great start this semester. It’s looking to be quite a busy time for drug policy reform this winter. In addition to everything we’ve listed below, we wanted to let you in on some insider news… Next week, we will have some very exciting news about new policy proposals related to legalizing marijuana, including one that SSDP staff have played a key role to help come to fruition. Please keep this information to yourselves for the next few days, and keep your eyes peeled for an email from us next week with an official announcement and opportunity to take action.   Take action New SSDP chapters We’re so proud to welcome the following schools as the newest additions to the SSDP chapter network:   From our blog Upcoming events
  • ONLINE – Thursday, Feb. 14 Leadership webinar series, part 3 Chapter Fundraising – Securing Sustainability
  • ONLINE – Thursday, Feb. 28 Leadership webinar series, part 4 Chapter Leadership Transition – Passing The Torch
  Drew Stromberg and Devon TackelsThanks for everything that you do to help end the war on drugs. Keep up the great work! Sensibly, Drew Stromberg and Devon Tackels Outreach Directors Students for Sensible Drug Policy     If you aren’t receiving our newsletter via email and would like to, click here.